This Zen story reveals a hard truth about life that’s difficult to accept but you’ll benefit a lot if you do

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The Power of Practising Non-judgment

As we can see from the story above, the farmer is practising non-judgment. He understands the true nature of life. There are millions of effects that can rise from one event, so there is no point in labelling it as good or bad.

Good and bad are interconnected; two sides of the same coin. If something seems perfect, is isn’t. If you’re life seems horrible, it isn’t.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy. It means that we need to realize this truth and live in a way that we’re constantly aware of it in order to find peace and happiness.

Yes, suffering might be inevitable in life, but according to Alan Watts, “we must not suffer over the suffering” by putting labels on things when really they’re neutral.

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