These 7 Buddhist philosophies are hard to understand but they’ll benefit you forever when you do

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What’s the secret to feeling calm and focused?

It’s not an easy question to answer.

So, why do Buddhist monks appear peaceful and present all the time?

How do they do it? Do they know some hidden secret that you don’t?

Actually, yes they do!

For thousands of years, Buddhist philosophy has focused solely on how to reduce human suffering and keep the mind focused on the present moment.

And today, we’re going to go through Buddhism’s most important principles and habits that we can all adopt in our daily lives.

1. Practice Being Curious

One of the essential achieving peace and contentment is the “beginner’s mind”.

This means engaging in something as if for the very first time. Buddhists are trained to bring this attitude with them throughout the day. Even when taking a shower, you can imagine it’s the first time you’ve felt the water hit you, or watch as though for the first time you’re seeing water fall down the drain.

The reason this helps is that new experiences stimulates the brain and encourages new neural connections.

Even having a meal is an opportunity to stop and reflect on the incredible power of food to bring energy to your body. You can also think about all of the people around the world who have helped to bring the food to your table. This way a simple meal becomes a source of gratitude and an opportunity to recognize the interconnection of everything.

As Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Life is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.”

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