The 5 Paths To Discovering Your Dharma

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2. The Path of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a sign that the universe uses to show you that you’re on the right path, the one that is aligned with your Dharma. We are always guided through our next step  we just need to follow those guiding lights. Synchronistic coincidences are guiding lights along the path to your purpose.

3. The Path of Letting Go

Letting go is the most essential path to your purpose. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Letting go of what you are, to become what you might be,” right? The more your life is cluttered with things, people, events and routines that no longer serve you, the more you don’t have room to let in the things, people and events that show up to actually serve your true purpose. Each day, make a conscious choice to let go of something unessential, so that your life will open up to receive, recharge and realign with your purpose.

4. The Path of Practice

If you’re not used to meditation (which I highly recommend), yoga may be a good daily practice to incorporate into your life. It’s an ancient Vedic practice that provides techniques to not only to maintain a healthy body, but also get you onto a great beginning into the deeper secrets of the union of human consciousness with that of the universe. Or make a practice of anything else you’re drawn to – walking a labyrinth, gratitude journaling, or playing the piano. It is important to work it into your schedule so it becomes a ritual.

5. The Path of Being

The busier you are watching the clock, the more important it is for you to find time to do nothing to just be. But the quality of your “nothing” matters  watching television doesn’t count. Playing games on your phone doesn’t count. And checking email or Facebook certainly doesn’t count.

Shut off everything and simply walk away. Go to the beach for a day, take a hike, or go on a solitary retreat. Slowly learn to build these pockets of “nothing” into your every day, to invite more “being” into your life. This will provide you you with opportunities to align you with the cycles of nature, the energy of the universe, and the center of your Self  your Being.

When we strive to use our talents and gifts to express ourselves in the highest way possible, to fulfill our potential and purpose, a society full of Dharmic beings is created, who will then create a more conscious society, planet and universe.

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