The 4 Stages of Enlightenment According to Buddhist Scripture (And How You Can Achieve Them)

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Are you curious about Buddhism and how it may be relevant to your daily life? The philosophy from the east has become much more popular all around the world in the previous few decades.

You don’t need to be a Buddhist to benefit from the framework of thinking it offers. You simply have to have an open mind and the desire to learn.

This article shares with you the four stages of enlightenment according to Buddhist scripture, without any of the obscurity.

Want to know the best part?

If you’re reading this and already are engaging in some simple mindfulness practices, you are probably already on your way to achieving enlightenment.

The four stages of Enlightenment, according to Buddhism

The Buddha recognized four distinct levels of realization, each one characterized by a deep experience of selflessness, followed by certain changes in outlook.

The experience usually involved intensive meditation and follows study of the four basic truths of Buddhism.

If you’re regularly meditating and practicing mindfulness, you’re probably already undertaking many of the practices that is advocated by Buddhism.

Here are the four stages of enlightenment.

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