My 20 Favorite Books on Mindfulness, Meditation, and Buddhism

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20 of the Greatest Books on Mindfulness, Meditation, Buddhism via Buddhaimonia

Books hold a very special place in my heart.

Since I was a young teen, books have affected my life in significant ways. From making me look at the entire world differently to opening my eyes up to places and things I never knew existed, becoming a vegetarian (that was because of Ismael), and finally to introducing me to Zen Buddhism. Books have orchestrated some of the greatest changes in my life.

A long time ago, it was a book recommendation that led me to buy the book that first introduced me to mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. I hope one (or more) of these books can be of value to you in your own life and daily practice.

1. Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki

The Zen book (at least of the 20th century) if there ever was one. This is Shunryu Suzuki’s classic. Well, technically it’s a collection of his lectures and not a book actually written by him, but nonetheless.

This isn’t necessarily a great beginner’s book, unless you intend on re-reading it 20-30 times over the course of a year (which I don’t necessarily recommend against…), but it’s still an incredibly beneficial book for those new to meditation or mindfulness practice, or for those interested in following a Buddhist practice (particularly Zen).

Technically, the book takes you through the basics of Zen meditation. But the wisdom that rings throughout the book shows you just how profound the simple act of sitting in meditation is considered in Zen practice, so there’s so much more to it than just that. And yet, that’s all there is to it…

This is one of my favorite books ever, so highly recommended for anyone and everyone.

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