Top 10 Most Powerful Heroes in Mobile Legends 2018

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So you’ve heard about Mobile Legends and want to play the game. You already know about the underrated heroes. But what about the most powerful ones? Then look no further.

Here are the strongest of heroes that can carry you to Mythical Glory. Check them out: Mobile gaming, mobile games, mobile gaming

10. Yi Sun Shin, Spirit of Navy

No one has a higher chance of accidentally killing someone than Yi Sun Shin. And even without breaking a sweat! One thing you should know about him is that his ultimate skill has a global range that reveals enemies’ location while also damaging and slowing them down. And unlike other marksmen, he actually deals more damage at short range thanks to his passive ability. His 2nd skill is also one of the best lane-clearing skills in the game, while his first skill lets him escape sticky situations with ease. Yi Sun Shin is worth 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

9. Natalia, Bright Claw

The sneakiest character in Mobile Legends, Natalia is one of the most annoying heroes to play against, what with her three skills and one passive. Her invisibility lets her easily invade enemy territory, steal resources and perform surprise attacks that will prevent you from using skills. On the other hand, her smoke bomb makes her immune to basic attacks and slows down her enemies, making it easier for her to run away. Natalia can be unlocked for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 diamonds. Mobile gaming, mobile games, mobile gaming

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