Top 15 Madden NFL 19 tips and tricks

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Just cracked open Madden 19? If you’ve been slaying the competition, congratulations — you’re a regular ol’ savant! But Madden is an incredibly deep game, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed when you can’t quite run the rock or throw the ball like your opponents can.

We’re going to help you step your game up by outlining some general gameplay tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your players out there on the gridiron. Take heed to these Madden 19 tips and tricks and you’ll be on your way to glory in no time.

Hit the Skills Trainer

For the absolute beginner, we’d first recommend heading to the game’s Skills Trainer. Madden 19’s Skill Trainer provides an excellent tutorial not just for figuring out the controls, but also for learning fundamental football concepts. It’s not enough to know how to throw the ball to a receiver (press the button that appears over their head).

Knowing the difference between cover 2, cover 3, and cover 4, knowing how to identify when the defense is in those coverages, and knowing how to attack it are all important things to know if you’re going to be successful. So, before you play a single game in Madden 19, complete the Skills Trainer.

Offensive tips

Once you’ve figured out the basics, you’ll need to figure out how to apply that knowledge in a game of football. While it’d be impossible to cover every situation that’ll be thrown at you, the following tips and tricks will help you sustain drives on offense, which means more touchdowns and more points.

How to figure out what coverage the defense is in

On nearly every single play, the first thing you want to do is figure out what the defense in, as this will inform how you’ll execute the play. The skills trainer should have given you a good idea of how to read a defense.

Almost every play should begin with you checking to see how the defense lines up. This is made easier by holding R2 as it will force the camera to zoom out to give you a better look at the field.

If there are two deep safeties, expect cover 2. Three deep safeties? Cover 3. Motion a man to see if anyone follows him, and that means they’re in man coverage. And if you see any of the linebackers or safeties move toward the line of scrimmage, there’s a good chance they’re sending an extra player on a blitz.

Use the information you gather to see if the play you’ve called is appropriate for the situation. For instance, if your opponent is bringing a lot of pressure with a blitz, it may not be a good idea to run the football. This is where you want to use the audible mechanic to change the play at the line of scrimmage.

As you get more experienced, you’ll find yourself going as far as motioning receivers and blockers into new positions and completely changing their routes. Your adjustments could also be as simple as flipping a run to the other side. Whatever you have to do to get yourself into a better play, do it with no fear.

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