9 Things People Should Not Believe According To The Buddha

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Because of the many sages, venerables, ascetics, and holy ones who passed their place, the Kalama people were in a state of confusion.

They were confused because all the teachings that these wise masters shared were contradictory.

At some point in our life, we may happen to be in a state of confusion like the Kalama people.

To gain insight of the truth, the Kalama people decided to ask The Buddha what to believe in.

The Buddha did not give them the answer they expected. Instead, he told them what they should NOT believe in.

While there’s no need for us to become officially disciples of Buddha, finding truths from his teachings may give us a glimpse of enlightenment.

9 Things People Should Not Believe According To The Buddha

1. Do not believe anything on mere hearsay. The ability to question and test one’s beliefs in an appropriate way is called appropriate attention. The ability to recognize and choose wise people as mentors is called having admirable friends.

2. Do not believe in traditions merely because they are old and have been handed down for many generations and in many places.

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