9 Magic Mantras Monks Use To Make Their Minds Masterful

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Mantras truly are amazing things.

When I wrote the internet’s best guide to mantras, I covered mantras for all different areas of life and from Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga and more.

As you know, mantras are sounds or words that are repeated during meditation. And they created many profound benefits for your health, body, mind, and for your life overall.

Just by reciting a mantra you can bring about real world changes in your life, and quite quickly.

One of the best things about mantras is that they can help us to maintain good mental health. There are mantras for intelligence, happiness, mantras for depression, mantras for anxiety… mantras for everything.

Let’s take a look at 9 amazing things mantras can do for mind, mood, and brain. These mantras make us intelligent, boost positive feelings, and improve our overall mental health.

Mantras For Intelligence

Some mantras can make you more intelligent. (read:Meditation for intelligence)

For instance, the Saraswati Mantra for intelligence gets your energy resonating at a frequency that improves brain function.

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. By reciting the Saraswati mantra, it is said that Saraswati will bless you with increased intelligence.

The Saraswati mantra for intelligence, which we share on this page, is the best mantra for ensuring success in studies and in learning.

The mantra for intelligence is said in devotion to Sri Saraswati.

Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge, Speech and Intelligence. Therefore, by reciting the Saraswati mantra for intelligence, the individual develops their knowledge, speech and intelligence at the same time.

The Saraswati Mantra for Intelligence has been shown by research to greatly increase test results in schools. It is a powerful mantra that should be used by all seeking improved intelligence.

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