7 Deadly Workplace Mistakes We Often Make

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4. You are trying to communicate too much.

Of course, it would be great if everyone started to like you at once, but if you are too persistent, this may repel your colleague. Look closer at the people who work with you. You have to develop a way of communicating with every person, because some of them love chatting, and others are less communicative.

Don’t try to make friends fast. Don’t share very personal information: remember that such conversations should not be held at work.

5. You don’t compliment.

Here, the same thing that we discussed above works. If you notice the advantages and talents of your colleagues without flattery and if you give sincere compliments, this will give you a reputation of an open and kind person. The most important things are honesty and moderation.

And it’s best to avoid compliments that can be misunderstood. Complimenting your coworker’s report and complimenting their eyes are 2 really different things.

6. You are not neutral.

If you notice that there are certain groups of colleagues at your work, don’t take sides. It’s important to stay neutral because if you don’t, your reputation and good relationships with the entire team may be affected.

Be polite and kind to everyone, no matter what their social status is. Stay away from all negative words about other people. In a long-term perspective, such a position will let you stay positive all the time which is great for productivity.

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