7 Country Music Scandals That Rocked Nashville

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It’s all sweet tea and magnolia trees until somebody takes off with your husband and feels up a Laker girl…These 7 country music scandals rocked Nashville and shocked the world. Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news

1. Breaks Up A Home

Ok. Admit it… in the 90’s you kind of loved to hate her – something about her just oozed annoying, right? Then she went and broke up Eddie Cibrian’s marriage to Brandi Glanville. This is one of those instances where we applaud the restraint of a wife.

Most of us would have gotten, at the very least, community service for that one!


2. Married Jason Aldean Kisses A Cheerleader

Hearts broke around the world for Aldean’s wife, Jessica. Often on the road, Jessica kept watch over the couples’ two children… Meanwhile Jason was out at a bar feeling up cheerleader and American Idol singer, Britney Kerr.


3. Randy Travis DUI’s

It came as an utter shock when Randy Travis was caught multiple times under the influence. Every one falls off the wagon; we can only hope that Travis gets help for his problem so he can go on to make more legendary music.

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