5 Life-Changing Principles Of Buddhism

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3. Connect with People

In Buddhism, a ‘sangha’ is actually a community of practitioners.

In other words, it’s a community of monks, nuns, and laymen who practice Buddhism in order to realize ‘greater awakening’ for themselves as well as all other human beings.

While people do come together in groups, it’s usually to acquire money or power- but not necessarily toward goals such as happiness, peace, and greater wisdom.

Associating with a sangha with strengthen your virtues and help you let go of negative habits.

4. Understand Death

Western society not only avoids this topic, but goes to the extent of pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Yet acknowledging and understanding our impermanence is the only way to make peace with ourselves.

Quite intriguingly, Buddhist students are actually required to “meditate on the image of a corpse”. It goes without saying that a true appreciation for Life cannot be found if you don’t understand your own impermanence.

5. Comprehend the Nature of Giving

This is not just about birthday or Christmas gifts, but making giving a daily habit. Buddhists usually consider Life to be a play between taking and giving.

In understanding this, we will not only experience greater peace but also realize the gifts that we have such as love, compassion, and our presence.

We can positively impact the lives of everyone around us.

In Closing

Even if this way of life seems simple, the beauty is the principles are definitely transformational.

How have these principles impacted your life if you have come across them? Also, are there any other Buddhist principles that you have found life-changing? If so, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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