5 Celebrities Who Double as Entrepreneurs

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The world of business and entertainment are one in the same in many respects. The world of movies, television and music are all businesses in and of themselves, and the celebrities many people love and adore are merely players who work within a greater system. As studios and executives rake in millions and even billions, sometimes the earnings of even the brightest stars can pale in comparison. Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news

But there are those who are not merely confined by the world of entertainment, and seek to make their own way. Using the power behind their own stardom (or not, in many cases), many celebrities venture out into the world of entrepreneurship on their own. Some make investments in startups, while others want to build their own companies from scratch. We’ve seen a multitude of production companies start up this way, but there are others who take things even further, and get into product-based services all on their own, or with trusted partners.

From small liquor companies to billion-dollar valuations, and even big-time corporate acquisitions, celebrities are leading double lives — as both stars and entrepreneurs. From rags to riches, and from relative obscurity to billionaire status, we’re taking a look at five big-name stars who also have big-time entrepreneurial projects going on along the sidelines. Read on to see five celebrities who lead double lives as entrepreneurs.

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1. Dan Akroyd

He’s more than just a Ghostbuster and a Blues Brother — Dan Akroyd is also an entrepreneur. His business? Crystal Head Vodka, which is exactly what it sounds like, and can be seen in Akroyd’s hands in the photo above. Akroyd’s booze is made in Canada, and is additive-free, gluten-free and kosher certified. It’s also sold in (you guessed it) a crystal skull bottle. Made with peaches and cream corn in a Newfoundland distillery, Akroyd has really put Vodka at the forefront of his interests these days, and the result is a remarkably pure and premium drink that can be found in watering holes all over.

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