5 Best Types Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

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2: The best Buddhist meditation for beginners is mindful breathing

Losing control. Wiping out. Crashing and burning. Falling off. Whatever you want to call it. It can happen in meditation. It’s when you lose control of your mind.

I don’t mean that in the sense that we lose control and go insane; simply that we can lose control of our focus.

One of the most important parts of meditation is staying in control of our focus.

When you meditate, you will come across distractions both internal and external. The key is to stay in control.

This is why the best type of Buddhist meditation technique for beginners is mindful breathing.

With breathing meditations, beginners can stay in control.and keep the mind focused.

In meditation, breathing often acts like an anchor. When we feel our focus slipping away, we draw attention back to the breath. That keeps our consciousness anchored so our minds stay in place, so to speak.

When you know how to return the mind to the breath, you give yourself as an easy way to bring back your focus. That’s why the best Buddhist meditation for beginners is mindful breathing.

Take a look at the link above. Learn breathing meditations. And then continue with the rest of this guide.

3: Buddhist mindfulness meditation for beginners

Losing your mind is not funny unless Jim Carrey is doing it.

Use mindfulness to keep your mind.

Mindfulness is one of the core types of Buddhist meditation. For beginners, it helps the mind to stay in the moment. And it will boost your focus and concentration. Plus, it’s an excellent way of removing stress and relaxing.

When you have mindfulness you gain more control of your mind. That translates to having more control of your actions, making you much more effective.

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