5 Best Types Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

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There are lots of different types of Buddhist meditation for beginners.

When you are just starting to learn Buddhist mediation, it can be tempting to jump in at the dive end and to try all 31 major meditation techniques right off the bat.

And no wonder.

Thousands of THE DAILY MEDITATION’s readers have been inspired by our list of the  100 health benefits of meditation.

Meditation is definitely exciting. But there is a right way to learn Buddhist meditation as a beginner, and there is a wrong way.


There are health risks and problems that can come from meditating.

That’s why smart people begin meditation properly.

To help you out, I’ve put together a plan for learning Buddhist meditation for beginners.

This will teach you how to meditate properly in a safe way.  I’ll show you how to meditate like Buddha intended us all to do (which is not rushing in).

And best of all, you’ll learn how you can use those different types of Buddhist meditation for every day happiness, health, and inner peace.


The Best Types Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

1: The basics of Buddhist meditation for beginners

Before you learn Buddhist meditation techniques, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the basics of meditation.

In that link I discuss how to meditate properly.

It’s important for beginners to learn Buddhist meditation properly too.

If you really want to know how to meditate like Buddha, you’re going to have to do your ground work.

There are certain fundamentals that go into a good Buddhist meditation plan.

So, make sure you read that link above before continuing.  

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