28 Amazing Uses Of Coconut Oil For Personal Hygiene

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15. Wrinkle Prevention: Coconut oil strengthens and tightens the skin and connective tissues, making you look youthful and refreshed. Using coconut oil as a facial moisturizer at night will help prevent and minimize the look of wrinkles. To maximize your results, try incorporating a good wrinkle cream too.

16. Chapstick: Hydrate and moisturize your lips with coconut! Coconut oil also has a natural SPF, which protects our lips from the sun and prevents peeling lips.

17. Nail Strengthener: Rubbing your nails with coconut oil can help strengthen and protect the laminated layers of keratin, which help shield your fingernails from the outside world.

18. Vaseline Substitute: If you haven’t already, replace your petroleum-based vaseline with coconut oil. It is safer, more natural, and is about 5000 times better for you. You can read all about the dangers of vaseline here.

19. Eye Cream: Hydrate gentle skin around the eyes by dabbing a little bit of coconut oil around your eyes before bed. This will make your eyes look and feel better in the morning.

20. Body Scrub: I love using coconut oil mixed with sea salt or sugar to create an all-natural body scrub for the face and body. Mixing 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of sugar (gentler) or salt is a recipe I often use.

21. Insect Repellent: Make your homemade insect repellent with coconut oil to help make it last longer. For all intents and purposes, please stay away from DEET-containing insect repellents. They are not only bad for you, but they are bad for the environment too.

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