24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Buddhism

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2. The Buddhist approach to a belief system isn’t built on the idea of blind faith – trusting that the teachings we have received are based on truth, and can be relied upon. Instead, Buddha introduced a spiritual path that is based upon experience, stating that we are our own savior.

3. Rather than convincing followers to follow the rules today in hopes of obtaining rewards in their next life or the afterlife, Buddhism teaches that your efforts to live well today will benefit this life.

4. While many religions are based upon an unattainable standard, an idea of religious perfection that followers can spend their life working towards but never reach, Buddha taught the world that anyone can attain enlightenment if they genuinely dedicate themselves to it.

5. Buddhists are highly in touch with nature and the environment, and as such, they will go to great lengths in order to protect and preserve the environment around them. They strongly believe that the ideal world is one in which men and nature live in total harmony.

6. For those that are practicing the Buddhist faith, the focus is not about worshiping in a specific time or day, such as the connection that Christians have to Sundays. Instead, they go to temple whenever they are able to.

7. The foundation of Buddhism, despite how long ago it was introduced, included a deep understanding of psychology as we see it today. Carl Jung was quoted saying, “As a student of comparative religions, I believe that Buddhism is the most perfect one the world has seen. The philosophy of the theory of evolution and the law of Karma are far superior to any other creed… It was neither the history of religion not the study of philosophy that first drew me to the world of Buddhist thought but my professional interest as a doctor. My task was to treat psychic suffering and it was this that impelled me to become acquainted with the views and methods of that great teacher of humanity (the Buddha), whose principal theme was the chain of suffering, old age, sickness, and death.”

8. As the Buddhist faith is built upon a foundation of true happiness for all beings, this way of thinking can be adopted universally and applied to every race, belief, age, culture and geographical location.

9. As Buddhists value the lives of animals so highly, the faith stands strongly against the idea of animal sacrifice.

10. The Buddhist faith is not built on the beliefs and guidance of someone that they consider to be a God, but rather a teacher – Buddha.

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