15 Pics From Gigi And Bella Hadid’s Childhood Before They Attained Supermodel Status

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Not so surprisingly, the girls seem to have always been beauties.

Bella and Gigi Hadid. They’re sisters and supermodels and while we know them for their jet-setting Instagram snaps their oh-em-gee modeling shots, and their gorgeous selves — once upon a time they were just regular teens growing up in Southern California. The girls were raised in Malibu and did things every other normal teen does. They went to high school, they joined the volleyball team, they rode horseback. Even though Gigi got her start in modeling at a young age (she modeled for Baby Guess when she was barely two-years-old), she took a break to experience life as a normal kid. Both Bella and Gigi didn’t even expect to become models. Gigi nearly qualified for the Olympic horseback riding team but had to cut that dream short due to her Lyme diagnosis. Gigi moved to New York at 18 to study criminal psychology.

However, their upbringings weren’t entirely “normal.” Bella was friends with Kendall Jenner all the way back in high-school and they both appeared on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (their mom Yolanda Hadid was a cast member) before either became household names in their own rights.

Scroll through the gallery to see these superstars long before they became supermodels.

15. Gigi During An Appearance On ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’

Yolanda joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2012. Gigi and Bella didn’t appear on the show until they were 18. This photo is the first time Gigi every showed up on camera, and she looks so young here! Bella told Elle UK that their mom didn’t consult them before she joined the show, because as Bella puts it, “We were kind of iffy about it at first. But she was an interior designer, so it was kind of a job.”

Bella says that “being on the show wasn’t about me trying to get famous. It was just trying to make my mom happy.”

Gigi has been on Real Housewives many times. Sometimes she would stop by in between her skyrocketing career. In one episode she talked about potentially going to back to school to finish her criminal psychology degree.

In another episode, Gigi, Bella, and brother Anwar all appear and their mother shocks them with the news that she’s leaving them with her living will “just in case.” In all of the appearances, all the Hadid children come across as very poised, grounded, and kind — considering the fact they grew up in mansions in Malibu, Ca.

14. The Girls On That Yacht Life

One of our favorite things about the Hadid sisters is how much they adore each other and are true friends as adults. Gigi says she was obsessed with her little sister from an early age.

“[As a toddler] I was always flipping trash cans or something, so I could stand up and get up high enough to look into her crib and check on her. All I do my entire life – the purpose – is just to watch over Bella,” Gigi told Elle Magazine. “I’m gonna start getting emotional… [she starts fanning her face]. She’s one of the only people that I’ll get aggressive for… [she starts crying] Sorry! I didn’t mean to do this. She makes me so proud and I would do anything for her.”

She went on to talk about their upbringing and how they’ve evolved over the years.

“We were good girls. Bella definitely was the more rebellious. We’re different, but we’re also the same in a lot of ways. We’re both creative, we love riding horses, we love being outdoors and we’re spiritual – we have the same values of kindness and passion. That’s why I connect with her as an adult.”

“I think the most we ever fought was like in middle school if she would steal my clothes out of my closet. You know, now she sleeps at my apartment during the week and she can wear whatever she wants. She’s definitely stolen more out of my closet than me out of hers.”

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