12 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health

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Mistake № 4. We take a shower and wash our hair every day.

People who have thin or weak hair should avoid washing it every day. The best cadence for washing hair is twice a week so the moisture in the hair stays balanced.

Also, don’t forget that taking a shower too often irritates and dehydrates the skin since the water washes off the good bacteria. This can lead to the increase of chances of having a skin infection.

Mistake № 5. We wrap our wet hair in a towel.

After getting wet, our hair becomes really vulnerable and easy to break. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to not wrap the hair with a towel after taking a shower. Also, because of the heat, the sebaceous glands start functioning more actively which makes the hair look less clean and tidy.

Mistake № 6. We forget about cleaning the shower head.

If you have been using a shower head for a long time, you might notice some kind of plaque on it that can be dangerous for your health. Scientists found that there can be bacteria on shower heads that can cause lung diseases.

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