10 Simple yet Weird Habits That Can Help You Live Twice as Long

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7. Eat bread crusts.

German biochemists from the Institute of Human Nutrition and Food Science in Kiel recommend eating bread crust. The crust’s antioxidants that prevent the development of colon cancer and cleanse the body are formed in bread during the baking process.

The chief of research, Thomas Hoffman says, ” We noticed that there are 8 times more antioxidants in a bread’s crust than in the rest of the loaf while studying the properties of bread. That’s why it’s the crust that gives more benefits to the health than the crumbs.”

8. Don’t touch cigarettes.

We all know that inhaling cigarette smoke is bad for our health. But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that not only is it dangerous to be near a lit cigarette but touching it can be harmful as well. Why is that?

Because when growing tobacco, shoots actively absorb radioactive elements used in agriculture such as polonium-210, lead-210, and radium. And these elements stay inside the plant even after drying the leaves and as a result, are present in cigarettes. Though the doses are extremely small, they still can get into the human body through touch.

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