10 Simple yet Weird Habits That Can Help You Live Twice as Long

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4. Brush your teeth less.

If you are one of those people who likes to take showers often, you may want to rethink things. The doctors from the Cranley Clinic in London proved that unsuitable soap in combination with hot water deprives our skin of its protective layer of oil. In the long run, this layer becomes dry and can’t protect the body as well. That’s why it’s worth taking a shower more rarely and carefully.

Dentists say similar things: brushing your teeth too often and using mouthwash can harm the enamel. This is especially true if you like to brush them right after a meal because many products make the enamel softer, making the teeth easier to damage.

5. Eat more tomatoes.

American scientists from Tufts University in Boston conducted research that took them 11 years to complete. They were comparing the health condition of 5,000 participants along with the food they consumed and came to the conclusion that one can decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 26% by including tomatoes in their diet.

According to specialists, it’s all because of an antioxidant contained in tomatoes called lycopene. It is the very thing that gives tomatoes their red color. That’s why adding a slice of tomato to your morning sandwich can bring you a lot of benefits.

6. Get rid of your alarm clock.

This is especially true if it rings loudly. Also, get rid of a kettle with a whistle, timers, alarms, and other noisemakers.

Japanese researchers claim that people, especially those who have high blood pressure, have a higher risk of getting a heart attack from an abrupt loud noise. Moreover, such sharp noises affect your nervous system negatively.

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