10 Celebrities You Might Not Have Known Played College Football

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Celebrities are, almost by definition, likely to be familiar and recognizable to you. However, they don’t often appear on the cover of the “sports” page unless they are cheering for their favorite sports teams.

None of the following 16 celebrities are best known for their time on the college football field. However, they all had some sort of on-campus career on the gridiron before moving on to bigger, and arguably better, things. Here are 16 celebrities who played college football. Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, Hollywood, celebrity news, 

1. Dean Cain

Dean Cain aka Superman smiles at the camera.

Long before he was Superman, Dean Cain was a football star at Princeton University. Cain was a defensive back. He set a national record for interceptions with 12 picks in 10 games (1987) and later signed with the Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately for the “Man of Steel,” his career was ended by a knee injury.

2. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby addresses the audience at an awards ceremony.

The star of The Cosby Show, comedian Bill Cosby, attended Temple University on a track and field scholarship. Ultimately, Cosby ran track and played football (fullback) for the Owls in the early ’60s (after his time in the Navy).

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